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DragonRuby Game Toolkit

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Not getting any feedback from dragonruby.exe on Windows 10

A topic by jasemagee created May 16, 2019 Views: 220 Replies: 6
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No errors or puts print out to CMD or PowerShell. Works in Linux though.
dragonruby-publish.exe works


DragonRuby.exe is marked as a Windows application, so double-clicking it won't generate a terminal window. The downside is this means that stdout gets lost even when launched from cmd.exe (dragonruby-publish is marked as a console app, which is why it works there.)  This is a quirk of Windows. I'm making a card on our TODO board to find a better solution to this. DragonRuby already does a few minor things differently when it thinks you're developing a game vs playing a published game, so there's no reason we can't make a separate window in the developing case, too. Stay tuned, we'll come up with something!

cool thanks. It obviously makes debugging on Windows fairly painful.

I had a couple of other issues to report but you seem to have fixed them in the latest release.  good work



Could you provide a compiled one in console mode while you find an appropriated solution  please ? some dragonruby-dev.exe ?

Thank's a lot


Update on this! The build we posted last night has the Dragon Console in it, which keeps all the stdout text, so you don't need a separate terminal window anymore. In fact, using puts() inside your Ruby code will send it to the Dragon Console. Just hit tilde (or backtick...the standard "Quake console" key) to get at it. PageUp will scroll back through the text.

We think this solves the Windows problem pretty well.

Five-minute intro video to show you the Big Idea of the thing:

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Nice, thank's for your work ! Is there way to change the key to open the console ? I have a french keyboard and the key in the same position is ²


We’ll add ² in the next release for sure!

If you want you can manually wire it up to any key. In the “tick” method put this at the top :

$ if $dragon.args.inputs.keyboard.key_down.r