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Different/More Sizes + Camera Movement

A topic by Reptile04 created 94 days ago Views: 291 Replies: 1
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I love this generator, I'm a new D&D DM and I've been using it quite a bit along with the terrain/map generator to really flesh out my world, but I think it would be better if it had more sizes, like the hamlets or metropolises that you can come across, as well as a zoom and navigation feature to look more closely at the larger sized cities.

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For zoom and navigation: once you generated a map you like you can choose to export it into a *.svg-file. That's a vector graphic format, which allows unlimited "zoom" without losing quality. Inkscape is a nice (free!) program to open and work with *.svg-files.

For the size - keep repeating the generate-process. The produced settlements vary in size even within "large", "medium", and "small" towns. Plus: play around with the option of shanty towns on/off.