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Cosmonator is an 'RPG-em-up': a top-down shoot-em-up fused with deep, RPG-style character building elements. · By Bourbontank, waldemoon

Bug reporting ?

A topic by Th44r created Nov 07, 2016 Views: 204 Replies: 1
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Really liking the look and sound of this game so far.

However I can report that for what ever reason, the direction keys seem to work in the menu screens, but not the game itself. I can shoot but not fly. Also was wondering if there were any plans to add key bind customization, or peripheral control detection in the settings menu, I've noticed that the game seem to detect my Xbox360 controller but it does not work in either the menu's or game ?


Hi Th44r!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

I'm afraid that at the moment you either need to unplug your controller (and then keyboard should work for everything) or exclusively use the controller for everything. We will add an option to disable controllers for those who wish to keep them plugged in. The Xbox controller is supposed to work and has been tested thoroughly. Perhaps try to unplug and plug back in while the game is running.

We will definitely add key binding in the near future!

Please let us know if you are still unable to play!