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A complex plugin to create skilltrees for RPG Maker MV · By Felski

tree builder shortcut

A topic by chengsta created May 12, 2019 Views: 110 Replies: 3
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Hello, in the demo and the editor, there is this 'tree builder' shortcut that leads to nowhere.  is that important?  as of right now I can't figure out how to build trees.  the treeeditor and nodeeditor sites are mind boggling.  can some kind soul make a video with a step by step process?

Treebuilder allows you to build your skilltree and it does the code for you. This makes it more of a point and click process. I figured it out with trial and error.  Make sure your text document is placed  in the data folder for your game.

where do you get your text document from?  Is it created from messing with the treeeditor and nodeeditor?

Yes it will automatically create the text document when you save, just save it in the data folder for your project.