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Construct 2/3 Pseudo 3D (with playable example)

A pseudo 3D system made in construct 2 and 3 with no plugins · By Talbone

I'm trying to buy but there is an error "Seller can't accept PayPal at this time"

A topic by albrom created May 09, 2019 Views: 239 Replies: 3
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i want to buy the project , but the there is an error, "Seller can't accept PayPal at this time", can you help me ?


eh.. this is weird, i didnt receive any email or notice about anything so i cant really do anything about it. im going to re-check my paypal to see if there is something amiss.

have you tried again since?


Okay i got an email from itch stating this error, im trying to contact paypal to solve the issue.
I will keep you posted.


Okay, apparently due to recent legislatory changes in my country (Brazil) they changed my account settings. i updated them now, can you please retry and tell me if it works?? 
If it doesnt work i will have to contact paypal support and get this sorted out.