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Astervoid 2000

A high energy, local multiplayer action space brawler. Combining classic arcade action with modern gameplay. · By madcapacity, Chuck Bergeron

Halloween Update! Better Survival, Sounds, Menus, Game. Yes, better game

A topic by Chuck Bergeron created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 217
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- New Announcer voice clips for Survival & Team Deathmatch game modes. Announced by yours truly

- Survival mode's scoring is more fun. Much more fun. Your score is now based on how quickly you dispatched of them bots. So do it fast, space brawler

- New gorgeous high-res backgrounds. Pixels were chosen and placed carefully by Lachlan Cartland

- Less "crazyass" bass on explosions (seriously, that's what the Git commit msg said)

- Some sound effects were hurting ears, especially UI ones. That's no longer the case, so leave your ear plugs at home

- Simplified start / menu, since those old perspective ships were old and no longer in the game

- Better object pooling. This helps performance, uses more RAM but less CPU and slowdowns while you're trying to muss each other up (in space)

- Warship now shows up at random times, because who likes a predictable warship? (Answer: no one)

- Reflective icy asteroids only crumble and break down into smaller reflective icy asteroids, and life made sense again

ps. There's nothing Halloweeny in our game. So if you came here for that, you may be sorely let down.