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Thisty boy / white knight simulator

A topic by The SektorZ created Apr 28, 2019 Views: 429
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Can't say I can relate to a character written in only one specific way - as a generic beta male whom girls use to load off emotional baggage on and nothing more. I don't wanna play this and be that guy. Everything he writes is written in the most thirsty, desperate fashion. Every time she mentions a guy my only options are to trash him like a petty, jealous manlet eventhough I don't know any of them. That's something 12 year old boy who doesn't even understand his feelings yet would do, not a guy who's rational and confident or at least supportive.

Having to mash keys yet zero control over what is written isn't a fun mechanic either. People like this game? It seems like it's written by and aimed at people who haven't developed socially yet in order to understand how men and women really work and think. I know I used to have that mentality when I was 12.