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Type Dreams

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Unable to Start Game [Solved: MIDI issue]

A topic by MikLion created Apr 20, 2019 Views: 156 Replies: 4
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After trying to open the .exe I am prompted with :

Unable to initialize your audio hardware.

[Problem: Failed to init MIDI music driver]

This is most likely a problem on my end but after clicking OK I get a brief Type Dreams logo with a keyboard and then the following error window:

Howdy. Thanks for being so thorough with this note. It's a hangup I've never seen.

Hmm. In winsetup.exe, there's an option to disable MIDI; did you already try that? We'll figure it out.

Ok well that was the one option that I had not checked and it seems to run fine now. So thanks for the help on that lmao.

Hah! A shot in the dark; so happy it sewed up easily. Thanks again for posting this bugglet. Hopefully this thread will aid others facing the same issue.

I did resolve my MIDI issue (my MIDI mapper wasn't set correctly) so I now have the disable MIDI back at the default option, but I have noticed that some songs don't play. The only songs that I have noticed that don't play are "Reponds-moi" OP. 50 and Union OP. 48.