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Astervoid 2000

A high energy, local multiplayer action space brawler. Combining classic arcade action with modern gameplay. · By madcapacity, Chuck Bergeron

Devlog #4 -- Reflective Ice Asteroids & New Artwork

A topic by Chuck Bergeron created Oct 21, 2016 Views: 196
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- New ice asteroids, reflect some fired projectiles
- New artwork! Asteroids and background artwork greatly improved
- Explosive asteroids grow as they take damage, will add an animation to show they're about to explode
- Motion blur on ships when boosting


- In the middle of adjusting new background artwork so it works on Retina, hi-DPI, and other various screen resolutions (will be adding a resolution switcher to Settings)
- Optimizations to prevent game from locking / stuttering
- Tweaked SFX volumes
- Removed Chromatic Aberration image effect during gameplay as it was annoying


- Clicking on the game during warmup will not show the score behind each player's ship in Versus mode
- Fix the sometimes-missing tense music when only 2 or 1 kills left in Versus mode