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My thoughts on this demo

A topic by HansyPansy created Apr 16, 2019 Views: 42 Replies: 1
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(Haven't finished the demo yet, see below why)
The game is really good. The controls are responsive and are mapped in a way that doesn't strain my hands. (I'm playing with a gamepad)

 I can't judge the story as of now, mainly because I haven't finished the demo yet, but also because I don't think I would be a good judge. (I just pass a story as "Good" when I can follow them) One thing I can say about it though, is that it's interesting. From the little snippet that told you that you were a ghost for an unknown reason got me looking at this game. Once I started it, I was more invested in it because of the strange events that occured. (You being a synthetic something, the "corruption" of the world's inhabitants, The Watcher)

I can't make any further progress though, as the part where you have to "show your mastery of the power of space" by trying to get all four torches in the room purple at the same time has me stuck. (Can you at least add, like, half a second to the timer on the torches before they turn back to white again? I would understand if you didn't do this though)

Other thoughts:

  • The D-Pad buttons do not work for movement. Unless this is intentional or you have other actions planned for these controls, I think you should get them working.
  • The setting for the fullscreen gets reset everytime I restart the game. I don't know if the other settings get reset though, as the fullscreen option is the only thing I tweaked.
  • I think there needs to be more visual/audio feedback, especially the colored ball puzzle part. One time, one of the balls (I think it was either the pink one or the red one) didn't transition to the center top of one of the towers like I noticed it was supposed to do. Thinking I hadn't placed it the right way, I tried to pick it up but nothing happened, so I thought something was wrong. I restarted the game and tried the puzzle again. During this second run, I noticed that the balls get "locked" when they get put at the right tower. I assume that the same thing happened to the ball on my first run, just that it didn't transition after it was locked.

Besides these, I only have positive thoughts about the game.

Looking forward to playing more of this game!

P.S: I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the title screen font reminds me of Cave Story's title screen. Just thought that was awesome.


Thank you so much for the input! This all really helps a lot. I've been taking feedback from a few friends as well and I've found that that particular puzzle you are stuck on definitely needs a timeframe extension. I think while testing it was easier for me because I was already so comfortable with the teleportation mechanic.

I've got a small update in the works that's gonna fix a few things. There is a glitch involving the colored orbs not being "set" properly sometimes, also I think it's a terrific Idea to have some more visual feedback to tell when exactly that happens! I'm also gonna look in to saving more preferences into the save file as well.

Also I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far! Again all this feedback really helps so thank you so much! :^)

PS! The update should be coming in a few days/weeks. HOWEVER In the mean time if you want to progress past the mastery of space puzzle you can easily modify your save file!

C:/Users/~your name here~/Appdata/Roaming/Ghost_Story/file_~your file number~.sav

You can open this in any text editor and look for 'flag_6' and change it from 0 to 1!

Doing this will open the above door that would've been opened by the key that puzzle dropped. It will also mark that puzzle as completed.