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Savegames to download

A topic by marl_on created Apr 14, 2019 Views: 597 Replies: 4
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This topic is here to post your savegames. They are found at user/%appdata%/LocaLow/Raft/Raft/Savegames on Windows.





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This is the bottom view on the 302 floors

Probably the highest tower ever built in raft version. I created a tower with more than 300 floors (302). The building took me less than a hour, but I had to spend 5 hours of farming to have enough recources. To play, just copy the .rgd file into the Savegames folder. I made it with version 1.04, download can be found here: . As you can see I also broke the stack limitation to carry all the planks and scrap. Download the tower save here: .There are two versions: In one you stand at the top, in the other one you are at the bottom.

This is how it looks from the top. The main base looks very small.The 302 floor

The small thing in the middle is my raft

sorry, how to load savedgame ??? on v1.05b i cant load any savedgame file