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Keyboard Controls

A topic by Lolz12347 created Apr 12, 2019 Views: 68 Replies: 2
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Can this game be played with a keyboard without a controller?


Hey Lolz12347, there are some key mappings (listed in the build) but it's not optimal, editable or possibly advisable!
You can't aim weapons freely as we do with the left stick on the controller for example. We will be working on this over the coming weeks, as we appreciate most PC players are using a mouse and keyboard combo.

Also there is new build coming at the end of week - the one we're showing at Insomnia64 :) 


We have keyboard and mouse controls in the new build on Discord - online play with 8 players :)

The itch one will be updated in 6-8 weeks, once the online play is more stable.