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Goblinville Monsters Sticky

A topic by Narrative Dynamics created Apr 11, 2019 Views: 167 Replies: 3
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People are writing up awesome monster lists and it made sense to have a place to share them.  Post your creatures for use and for discussion.


Moves: Slash, Gore, Charge
Loot: 2 rations when cooked
Special: 1 armor that's only usable if goblins are in bad or standard position

Dire Wolf
Moves: Find, Flank, Bite, Bowl Over, [X] Hamstring
Loot: Pelt (1 torso/2 inventory/2 scratch) if skinned, 2 rations when cooked
Special: never found alone

Moves: Look Just Like An Object, Whack, Adhere, Excrete Acid, [X] Munch What Dangles
Loot: 5 scratch of random, old, acid-proof, adventurers' gear

Moves: Resist, Resist, Immunity, Fly, Be Intangible, Spawn Spectre, [X] Life Drain
Loot: magic ring inscribed with "courtesy" in a language of your choice
Special: When exposed to sunlight, immediately cross off one Resist and Immunity if they are still uncrossed. Spawn Spectre is only usable if there is a fresh corpse present.

Magic Ring: Lets you fade into the spirit realm but sometimes the pixie might leave the ring for good turning it into a worthless iron ring and it only works when you remove the ring from your own finger and place it on another goblin's finger.

Moves: Resist, Be Intangible, [X] Life Drain
Loot: whatever loot the fresh corpse had
Special: When exposed to sunlight, immediately cross off Resist if it is still uncrossed.

It might be nice to have a standard format for monsters?

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Hey everyone, Eric from Goblinville here. Srinvgp, good idea for a standard format. When we list our monsters it goes like this:

Name / number appearing [bold]
(Description: appearance, attitude, instincts)  [italic]  Two, three sentences, tops
(Moves) (X) (Finishing moves) [bold italic] See GG1 p.22 for guidelines
(Special rules, notes on moves/finishing moves) [italic]
(L) Loot [no formatting]

After each line in the stat block, hold SHIFT and press return to keep the lines tight.


Bog Leech (1d6)
These arm-length creatures lay in wait for animals to move through their pools. With no eyes, they're attracted to body heat. They attach themselves to bare skin, and wriggle aggressively under clothing to find it.
Swim unseen, Seek heat, Attach, Suck blood (X) Drain and incapacitate (Exhausted and unconscious for the scene)
The finishing move is not immediately fatal but if a bog leech is left on an incapacitated goblin, it will be Injured next turn, and Dead the next as the leech feeds leisurely on the goblin.
(L)  1 ration when cooked. Relieves Exhausted.