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Type Dreams

Sharpen your typing aptitude by racing history's best Qwerticians! · By Hofmeier

Crash in tutorial, in the bit where it says "Slide F1 - F12"

A topic by Ramjet Anvil created Apr 07, 2019 Views: 109 Replies: 2
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I'm unsure what to do here. I type the sentence, it completes. Then the slide message appears, and indeed when I press and hold F12 something happens. The machine slides off to the right, and when it goes off-screen the game crashes, the error mentioning that some GUI coordinates became invalid. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? :)

Howdy:  The idea is to "slide" from the F1 key through F12, as though performing a manual carriage return on a typewriter.

But you're right: F12 pushing off the edge is a bug. It's fixed in the next build, already (I'll upload it tonight aftee stitching up a few others).

Thanks for taking the time to ask.

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Ah, thanks! That actually makes a lot of sense.

I don't have my function keys mapped to their regular place (organized them in a numpad configuration) so performing that motion never crossed my mind. Also, I'm typing on a split ergonomic board, so I can't technically perform a continuous slide over the function keys even if I map them back; there's no 12-key rows available on this baby.

Would it be possible to include a fallback option to perform the slide with a single key?

Anyway, I can now progress through the tutorial and enjoy the game. Thanks! Really digging the style of everything.