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Bugs and feedback

A topic by Discopalace created Apr 05, 2019 Views: 217 Replies: 1
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I love this game!  Thanks for taking the time to make it.  

Here are some bugs I’ve encountered.  I’m on IOS, v1.25.

- smallest map locks up the game during map generation.  I have to kill the app.  I never use smallest anymore.

- sometimes my first city can’t produce any military units.  No reason why.  I have to revert to a saved game and re-create the city.

- land units can’t board my caravel/frigate.  I click the board button, then it says no place to board.  The ships are empty.  This prevents me from using bigger maps or maps with lots of sea.

- the map editor can’t find my saved game files.  So I can only make maps from scratch (a pain), or maybe use someone else’s maps.

- the world generator doesn’t appear to use my custom terrain settings (plains, grassland, forest etc).  For example, if I do 100% grassland, it still generates other terrains.

- units set to auto explore don’t always use up all their moves, especially ships.  It’s a waste to move just 1 hex if you are exploring.

Some feedback regarding balance and gameplay:

- some resources are overpowered, such as plantation.  4 food, and more! 

- I feel that 6 turns for an improvement is really long.  It seems to slow the game down a lot.  Or maybe have a game option for faster improvements.

- in medieval and later,  there is no scout-like unit that lets you move 2 hexes across any terrain.  I think you should either create a new unit or allow the scout unit to remain (it becomes obsolete).

- frigates only carry 1 land unit??  Seems like they should carry more.

- battles take a long time.  Any way to make them take fewer turns?  It gets tedious.

- the faster production option is nice.   But you also need faster science and faster workers to complement it.

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Bonjour, voila quand j'enregistre ma partie je ne peux pas charger la partie MAJ (VERSION PC)