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Super Win the Game

A retro-core explosion of exploration and platforming action!! · By J. Kyle Pittman

Upgrade to soundtrack edition?

A topic by UltraZelda64 created Oct 11, 2016 Views: 841 Replies: 4
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I forgot when I blindly just accepted the defaults when purchasing Super Win the Game that by spending $9.99 (more than the default of $7.99), you will also receive the soundtrack to the game. Is there any way, without actually having to pay full price to buy another full "copy" of the game (and then having a redundant copy on my account) to just pay the difference (as in, like what desktop client calls "tipping" the creator--paying more money to the author of the game) and receive access to the soundtrack file through my current download page?


I'm not actually sure how works in that regard, whether tipping the difference will grant access to the soundtrack. However, the soundtrack is also available for the same price at my Bandcamp page here:

Thanks for the suggestion! I decided to do just that, and I then realized that I could create a fan account. So I did. But what I didn't expect was that I must have made a previous order on the site--the Super Hexagon soundtrack--and after buying your soundtrack and creating a new account, it automatically linked my old Super Hexagon soundtrack to my newly-created account. So now I'm set with both the Super Hexagon and Super Win the Game soundtracks, ready to go. And even better, the Android app rounds up all the music I bought, so I can listen to it wherever I go.

Awesome! Again, thanks for the recommendation! I have also bought the game on the Humble Store (which included a Steam key, and the soundtrack), so I feel like I have at least contributed enough. :) Thanks for your work on the game. The only thing I want now: For the original You Have To Win The Game to be tied to my Steam account (ie. so it remains in my library, even after formatting or installing on a new machine). If that would mean another paid DLC, Hell, even add a $1 paid "donation," I would be happy do do it. :) Thanks again!


Yeah, the $1 DLC idea has come up a few times, either for establishing ownership (might work?) or for allowing trading cards to drop (absolutely can't work), but I'm hesitant to do either. (That's something Valve really needs to address from their end by giving players the option to choose whether free games should be owned by the account when installed.)

In any case, if you send me an email (jpittman at gmail dot com), I can give you a Steam key for YHtWtG which should have the same effect.

I have sent an e-mail response to your previous post. Thanks again for all the help!