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Adventure Academy

Where the ADVENTURE really begins... · By RookieReviews

stuck on first screen ?

A topic by alizvaneta created Oct 08, 2016 Views: 169 Replies: 3
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this game looks good but the character wont leave the 1st screen up or down iv talked to the teacher about every topic but still no advance?


There's a "gap" in the map, (I made this game when I was new to RPG Maker) you have to go to it and click enter or space. Sometimes this applies to other doors. Sorry about that! :

cool thanks , altho iv now saved near the guy who says you can glitch through the wall then it just shows code, is that supposed to happen?


Sorry for the LATE reply, you need to go to the rightmost area of the wallTHEN click space, not in the middle of the wall. I dunno why I added these complicated doodads before.