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Zero Deaths

I dared PewDiePie to dare me to make him a game in 14 days. This is the result. · By atmos

Still not enough coins in Meme Cemetary

A topic by mmcguire created Mar 13, 2019 Views: 157 Replies: 1
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It seems like the remaining coins for me are in the yellow bots. The yellow bots seem to be able to be knocked off screen and cant detect the player. I can kill one or two, but eventually they just keep getting pushed away :(  unfortuanatley this has happened both times I tried to play.  is there any way hitting them doesn't knock them so far away? am I missing something? I have run out of every box, coin, barrel etc. and I am stuck at 587 (which was just 10 more than the last time I played through before the update.)


Looks like a major bug. I'm sorting this out now!