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Zero Deaths

I dared PewDiePie to dare me to make him a game in 14 days. This is the result. · By atmos

Edgar Bug

A topic by matheusamendola created Mar 12, 2019 Views: 636 Replies: 12
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On Mars, after defeating edgar, you can not interact with him and end the game


And the coins are negative

its the same with me

Do you guys get cutscene after edgar UFO sequencce? I couldnt go anywhere after defeating UFO. So I had to quit the game

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Same problem don't know whats up?

Same problem here. (Using mac)

is this only at the end of the game, meaning everything before it still works?

I have the same problem and I don’t want to restart because the boss fight alone took me like 30 minutes 


Everyone I'm looking into this now! Thanks for your patience! 


I interacted with Edgar, but afyer he asks to help take him away the game w9nt let you do anything


Download the new build :) It should all work. The new build will have a pause button on the right hand corner. If that is there, play the game, and then let me know if the ending works! Could you please tweet at me on Twitter @atmosgames "Hey thomas the new build works with Edgar!"