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What the box?

You're a box, and you're trying to kill other boxes, in a place filled with boxes. · By Bitten Toast Games

Too many threads error?

A topic by Pookienumnum created Sep 30, 2016 Views: 959 Replies: 2
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I bought your game on Steam and I just requested a refund. Every time I tried to play the game shut down and said too many threads error. I am playing on Windows 7 and this $2,000 PC can handle anything. I really would love to buy the game again if there is a way to fix this issue. I did get into the actual play part once and the box was moving by itself but game crashed quickly after


That's pretty weird O.o I guess you don't have a screenshot or crashlog for me to take a look at right? That would have been helpful :(

Well, sorry to hear that :(

I just wanted to let you know I tried the game one more time before steam gave me a refund and it worked perfect. I came home today and steam did give me the refund but I rebought it and I am having a great time. Very simple but fun game. I wish I knew any tips though I die a lot.