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Control FAQ Sticky

A topic by everMany games created Sep 25, 2016 Views: 154
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Tap the mouse/pad and Alice will walk towards the indicated spot. If you press and hold the (left) mouse button, Alice will follow your mouse cursor around the screen.

You can also use keys. Arrows or WASD to move; click with the mouse or press "enter" to advance text. The space bar is a short-cut to use your current item; the escape key can close dialogs.

Interacting with the world

Clicking on a character or an object will open a radial menu. Choose an action from the radial menu to interact.

Items you collect will appear in your inventory ( the suitcase icon near the top-right of your screen. ) Your most recently used item will appear just underneath the suitcase.

Combining Items

You can combine some items with other items, people, or things in the world. Select the item item from your inventory ( or click on the icon of your most recently used item ) and then select the target object in the world. Selecting Alice as a target will allow you to combine the item with other items in your inventory.

Save and Load

You can save your game via the settings menu ( the gear icon on the top-right of your screen. ) Your game will also be autosaved periodically as you play. You can load saved games via the main menu.

That's pretty much it!