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A topic by Emenuss created Sep 24, 2016 Views: 266 Replies: 4
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hello game developer i need a pawniard or bisharp i can't find them in victory road also i need a metal coat for scyther and i need to know why does my game crash when trading scyther for axew

found a metal coat looking for accelgor and escavalier

found pawniard still looking for accelgor and escavalier

I don't believe those two are available. After all, they evolve into those forms via trading one for the other with someone. Regarding Bisharp, I got one a while back myself, so it's not impossible, but it isn't all that great. It has a 4x weakness to the fighting type, after all. the immunity to poison and psychic is useful, but it's pretty risky, and not particularly powerful, in my opinion.

well bisharp is my favorite pokemon of all time and i did find it but i've been looking for that elekid and that magby and also my haunter isn't evolving at lv 60 lol (i know it's a trade evo ut not in this game ) also i have both magmerizer and electirizer so i hope the dev can see this and comment