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Can't install through itch app? Redeem through Steam

A topic by Nick Splendorr created Sep 22, 2016 Views: 1,773 Replies: 2
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Edit: You have to redeem through Steam right now, as the instructions indicate if I could have been bothered to read them. ^_*

Helloooioo! I'm very excited to play! Just so you know, it won't install through the itch app on Windows. I can click the Install button, and it thinks for a second, but then says "Install" again. This happened to me once with a game of mine... and I think I fixed it by re-uploading the Windows build and making sure the package options were checked? That's probably not as helpful as you'd like! ^_^

Well, I went through the site, got the instructions, and see now that I need to install through Steam. That's fine, then! Sorry I didn't read the instructions~~~~ ^_^


It's all good @nick! Glad you got it sorted out!