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A bit of feedback

A topic by Shadow the mercat created Feb 23, 2019 Views: 83 Replies: 2
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"Well done!" is a good place to start.  I wanted to offer a bit of feedback for you guys to consider and do what you please with.  I thought it was pretty fun so far (I've played through a few levels) 😄 I found the over-all physics cool and the colour change mechanic was interesting. I was very amused with the the sound effects especially the level completion.

I know you mentioned polishing up and are aware of menu stuff. ( I don't know if this includes the picking up of the collectible disks displaying a 3/1 in-game.)

I had a momentary resolution issue right upon executing the game but it kinda worked itself out with some resizing of the game window.

Maybe there could be some type of preliminary animation to illustrate the game concept? Like a few seconds clip of something along the lines of text bubbles/data floating by and the nanobot looking back at an approaching wall of deletion/de-materialization? 😮 Or, as an alternative to a pre-first level cutscene, an animated clip of this sort could be used as a promotional tool instead perhaps.

*I noticed the linear progression map of the levels and thought how cool it would be if there could be multiple finish line points to levels that could send you down a hidden branch of separate levels (either harder or easier?)

What are your thoughts on power-ups? like little nanobot shoes (even though they don't have feet) that boost speed for a couple of seconds, or a little helicopter propeller to increase jump capacity

*what about instances for cosmetically altering the nanobot? ( say if you were a beta-tester versus when the game gets fully released, or as having completed all the levels under a certain time, or maybe from finding all hidden collectibles) 

However you decide to move forward on this project, best of luck!!

(*it occurs to me that since I have not played all the way through, if something like this is already built in then please excuse my ignorance xD )

Thanks alot for your feedback it really means a lot to all of us since it's our first game. ^^

The 3/1 after picking up a Collectible was a bug we fixed already. :D We weren't paying to much attention to the resolution until now, since you mentioned it we will look into it.

To ilustrate the game concept we are currently working on a tutorial level so the player can get a feeling of the game before getting thrown into a level. The cutscene or animated clip would be a great idea we would love it aswell, since it's a school project we are sadly limited in our time and there are just a few weeks left until our game has to be finished.

Same goes for the idea of different finish lines, (i personally would love it since im one of the guys creating the levels :D) we tried to offer different more and less difficult ways in the levels resulting in faster end times when using the more difficult one. But we never had the idea of more then one finish line to unlock seperate levels. As i mentioned the time is running out means sadly we wont even be able to try it but looking back i think it would have been a great idea and would offer a lot of replayability.

Powerups is something we considered in the early stages of our game alongside a douplejump and a sliding mechanic but since it is our first real game project in a limited amount of time we decided to keep it as basic as possible to be able to get at least close to our expectations. Having powerups or one of the other mechanics would have been great but would also require a completely different level design, we tried to keep it basic and offer as much varietyas possible with a small amount of mechanics.

We havent thought about cosmetic that much until now, however we thought about unlocking some of our old assets and character models just for fun after completing all levels with 3 Stars, if the time allows it we are considering to make this possible.

Again thanks alot for your feedback and all these new ideas we are really thankful, even if we dont manage to use all of them we will keep them in mind for our future school projects (I personally really like the different finish lines idea xD).

I hope you all are graded well for this. I'm certainly familiar with the pressure of looming deadlines 😔. Good luck with future projects too!