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Welcome! Sticky

A topic by gustavolsson created Feb 21, 2019 Views: 567 Replies: 3
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Developer (7 edits)

Hello and welcome to the Seaside Racing community!

Let's keep this message board focused on the game and please be nice to each other. Don't hesitate to create a post if you have any feedback on the game. Have fun!

Release notes


  • The Itch app is no longer necessary to play over the Internet
  • Fixed a rare master server crash bug


  • Added a small text showing the number of spectators (players waiting to join) there are in a session (only shown if >0)
  • Added the ability for the host of a session to restart the race (and choose a new map)


  • Show what key to press to "ready up" before a race starts
  • Always bring up a menu when Escape is pressed, even if a player does not use the "Keyboard 1" mappings
  • Fixed bug where players could not play online if they had a "." in the path to the game executable (most common on Linux)


  • Initial public release

Cute and fun racing game! Cruel (in a good way) track design, too!


Thanks! Please rate the game if you have the time :)

Sure! I'd just like to try some multi-player first :)