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What would Asterion's reaction be if he watched Disney's Hercules?

A topic by Ivo II created 11 days ago Views: 119 Replies: 1
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I really wondered what Asterion's reaction would be if he watched this film, I remember the face he made when Robert mentioned that the legend of the Minotaur was Greek, and Asterion was like:.....馃槓

Or even if he watched other films like Percy Jackson among other works that are based on Greek myths. I don't think he would be offended, at most, a little upset especially with the prevalence of keeping Hades as the villain. But he would probably find some of them funny.

(Sorry if there's a mistake, I'm writing using Google translator 馃槄)

Well, he'd probably find its depiction of the gods as extremely blasphemous, especially Hades. He'd probably also be confused about why a movie about Heracles is using the Roman name for the hero.