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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

Aven Colony Beta

A topic by Tallon created Sep 07, 2016 Views: 3,000 Replies: 9
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Just bought the game in Beta & have to say im impressed, I was sceptical of buying it so early due to my PC confiuration..

CPU = AMD 5GHZ 8 Core

RAM = 16GB 1800Mhz DDR3

HDD = 500GB MX200 Crucial SSD

GFX = 2x Radeon R9 200OC (Overclockers)

This is probably the only Beta game ive even tried playing & actually had NO issues with, Ive played countless games in Beta & had horrible FPS, stuttering, game drops & crashes, NOT with this game (so far) Runs very smoothly using Windows 10 x64 v1511

You guys seemed to have nailed it keep it up & cant wait to see more & ultimately play the Full Finished Game :)

Im posting this so if theres others out there with CrossFire configs that are maybe worried at least with this you have a base to run off as non of the Utube vids ive watched have been played using crossfire & its usually not optimised for that until much further along...


Fantastic! So great to hear it's working smoothly for you! Thank you so much, Tallon!

Just come off to goto bed lol.... Played for 4 hours no hiccups, Couple of stutters for a few seconds when my food went to almost 0 during a storm but stopped & went back to normal almost instantly... Not found any issues at all while playing so alls great :) Ive put the link to the game on my FB plus other places, Told my Bro about it so his mates can check it out also added it as a non steam game so everyone on my friends list can also see what im playing hehe :) Awesume job guys & gals.. Genuis bit of gaming...

Great to hear you're game is running well, could you share a bit more about your configuration? Specificaly the resolution and graphical settings would be very informative.

Thanks :-)

Its running in 1080p on an Asus 2k monitor, Graphics where all set to there highest but had to drop a couple down 1 setting after id been building for 4 hours.... Not had to mess with the GFX since that 1st time... I noticed that the Demo maps run without issue on FPS but as soon as you play the 1st proper map then you find out how well your PC is going to play it at your currect settings....

The only thing ive found so far is that when I left click to drag the mouse it stays in its original position instead of following the drag, Not sure if thats intentional or not... It got a little bit low in frames when I nearly run out of food, (Could be a small bug but not sure) but as soon as the storm finished & power turned back on the frame rate instantly jumped back up to 1 small glitch in about 4 hours play... It hasnt crashed or given any other strange behavior...

Running into massive game lockups when i complete campaign levels.

My system:

AMD 8-CORE 3.10Ghz

16GB Ram

Game runs just fine during gameplay but as soon as i finish the campaign it spikes to 16% CPU usage and 2GB RAM usage. Takes 10+ minutes to get the main menu to open. Anything i need to change on my end to correct this?

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That sounds like a HDD bottleneck, What Hard Drive are you using ? I get a slight lock up using an SSD but I assume it because it saves before quitting....

You say complete campain levels, Im still on the 1st main campain, Have you gone past this.... Ive only been playing for 12 hours or so...

Your CPU is fine the higher the better 16% isnt high, RAM usage isnt high either..... By rights the better the game is improved the more ram it should utilize.... On an 8 core cpu you should see each core with the same approximate usage.... sometimes less depending on whats being calculated....

I'm running a seagate barricuda, hasn't given me any problems with gaming to date.

By campaign levels I mean the named levels from the campaign menu. Vanaar, Sandy Gulch, etc. Each level took longer for my PC to recover from the lockup at campaign completion. Hyla's Crescent went past the 30 minute mark after i posted earlier before Window's 10 just rebooted.

Does windows start from shutdown in approx 20 seconds or so..... Does this only happen with the game, you could check your HDD usage when playing to see ..... other than that try a cheap ssd £34....

Bought the game yesterday and I'm already addicted....Giving Cities Skylines a rest in till they sort out the crashes. Rushed home after work to download the update and away we go