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What the box?

You're a box, and you're trying to kill other boxes, in a place filled with boxes. · By Bitten Toast Games

Finest Game I have Played All Year - Small Review

A topic by Twistedambition created Sep 06, 2016 Views: 347
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What The Box is a simple yet beautiful example of what happens when postal workers get bored at there job. The game-play is smooth and responsive, and even when you die it feels as if you deserved that death because you were not skilled enough. I really hope that this game Dev is able to get the Green Light on Steam. I would love to see this game in all of its glory in the steam store.In short great game with a smooth multiplayer feature 10/10 would get exploded again.

Shameless Promotion time. I did a Video with a couple buddies of mine on this game. Video -

Thank you for your time What The Box Funny Moments