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Big Update - Publishing

A topic by Space Banana Studio created Sep 04, 2016 Views: 263
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Developer (1 edit)

Hello guys!

I'm very happy that a lot of you tried and played my game and I want to thank you all for the great feedback I had. I'm finally happy to announce that the game is going to the publishing phase, this means that from now on you'll only find on this page the demo version. To play the full version instead (which is still in Early Access and active development) you'll find the links to the stores that I'm going to add during the next days. Anyway, on the demo version you can still play and add times to the first track of the game (Night City).

To be super clear, every single dollar from your purchase will be spent on doing the game better and faster, since I really need someone to speed up the work of doing the tracks.

A short FAQ is following.

How much is it?

The game is and will ever (ever!) be 1$. This includes all the future updates. Prize drops on holidays and special events tho.

Will I ever be able to play the demo?

Yes, the demo isn't going to be limited, you'll always be able to try the game before actually buying it.

What stores?

I'm currently on my way to publishing on Indie Game Stand (really soon) and Steam (if I manage to pass the Greenlight, which is going to be hard!).

Thanking you for all the support, I hope you'll want to continue playing the updated game by just buying it or to keep recording your times on the demo version.

Last but not least, keep this page on your bookmarks since updates and everything will be always here and on the Greenlight Concept page. This is not changing.

Thank you!


EDIT: GAME GOES BACK FREE OR DONATION! See the new sticky topic for more info!