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Nintendo has crossed the line.

A topic by N&J Games created Sep 01, 2016 Views: 148
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Over 500 games. Over 500 games were taken off of GameJolt by Nintendo that were "ripping off" their characters. This included our Super Mario Adventure game. This is outrageous. We made no profits from it at all. Ads off. Free to play. This applies to many of the other games taken down as well. They had no reason to take them down. If anything, they were promoting Nintendo. So Nintendo pretty much treats their fanbase like total crap. THIS IS UNEXCEPTABLE. They cannot treat their fans like this and then expect them to buy their stuff. I am officially done with Nintendo. Unless they make something of actual value (which hasn't happened in a while), I'm only buying their older stuff. So farewell Nintendo. Luckily our game is still up on here. Who knows how long that will last? Let me guess, next thing they are going to do is take down MFGG.