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Where The Goats Are

Where The Goats Are is a slow-paced, meditative game about life and raising goats. · By Memory of God

macOS Graphical Bug

A topic by luckfont created Jan 27, 2019 Views: 66 Replies: 1
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Hi Memory of God,

Neat game! Unfortunately, on my 2011 13" Macbook Pro, it ends up looking like this:

Any idea why this is happening or what to do about it? The game runs perfectly fine, the graphics just blur a lot, as you can see. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the Unity options menu that appears before the game starts only has the 'Beautiful' option for graphics.

I appreciate your time and help!


Hi luckfont,

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately it seems like it's a problem with this specific hardware configuration - there was someone else with this issue who had the same set up. I have no idea why it's happening or how to fix it. Sorry! The only thing I can suggest is to make sure all drivers are up to date etc, and maybe try some different resolution settings in the pop up that appears when you launch the game.

Other than that it just seems like the game wont run properly on these 2011 macbooks :(

Sorry I can't be more help

Memory of God