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Demon Girl Game

demon girl working hard to pay the rent, or not · By chainedTan, Nes, J' Camilo

New discord server! -come and join us n stuff!- Sticky

A topic by chainedTan created Jan 24, 2019 Views: 68
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Developer (1 edit)

right here , here is link~

>>>>>>>                                   <<<<<<<<

so, made a nice server for the game to keep stuff organized, and more importantly , to talk with nice frens about the game~

so here is a few reasons you might wanna join:

-cuz you think demon girl looks cool

-cuz this art might make you feel like joining

-maybe you wanna join the demon girl game dev team! huh? maybe!?

-you like talking to other people on discord

- perhaps you like demon girl game and want to let me know about it personally

-maybe you have the ultimate event idea you wanna add to the game, and you wanna let me or other artist know about it!

-maybe you wanna talk about the game lore with me and the artists from the game

-because you feel like it

so yeah ,if you think any of these reasons are cool ,please join the server and stuff! with love, yours trully ,me