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A complex plugin to create skilltrees for RPG Maker MV · By Felski

Centering Skill Tree

A topic by Gumbanomicon created Jan 19, 2019 Views: 132 Replies: 3
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Hi Felski,

So I am assuming the skill trees default center onto the area of the skill tree with the most available nodes for purchase? I created a skill tree that allows a lot of initial choices for the player but now whenever I enter the skill tree I can't see an entire lane until I adjust the skill tree by using the arrow keys. Anyways I find it difficult and don't like how my skill tree currently looks when selected, but am happy after it has been scrolled upwards. Is there anything I can do to manipulate the parameters to get my desired look? Or do I just have to recreate my skill tree? I thought about adjusting the lanes but think this is the plugin centering so it won't work, but I am not sure. What do you think? I will post a couple of screen shots below. The one with all 3 lanes is what I want, but I have to use the arrow keys to accomplish this. The other look is the bottom 2 lanes and the rest cut off. Thanks for your time.

I switched lanes 1 and 3 around, I guessed that it would center at the top that way and it did. It looks fine now and no need to scroll the screen up or down to see the nodes. It was just an unexpected process of the plugin.



Hi Gumbanomicon,

you can only change the initial view by changing the first defined node in the tree.  That is the one that is first selected by the plugin. 

Best regards,

Thanks Felski,

That makes since. I started with lane 3 for the first time. I usually start with lane 2 because its in the middle. Now I know what not to do. I reversed lane 2 and 3 and it worked how I wanted, so no complaints. Hows that update coming?