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A complex plugin to create skilltrees for RPG Maker MV · By Felski

Skill Icon Bug?

A topic by Gumbanomicon created Jan 12, 2019 Views: 77 Replies: 2
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Hi Felski, 

In one of my original posts I had a skill in my skill tree that showed the wrong icon. It was a minor issue and we were working on a much larger problem at the time but we never figured out what had caused it, I just remade the problem skill in a different place in the database and used the new skill ID. I seem to have duplicated the bug. 

Possible Bug: I copied and pasted a skill and then altered the skill's icon.  I then made the skill tree and placed the skill in the skill tree and the wrong skill icon is now displayed. The icon of the copied skill is displayed instead of the newly altered skill's icon. I just thought I would let you test this and see if you could duplicate the bug. As for me I am just going to copy this skill and paste it and use that skill id instead. That was my workaround last time.


Hi Gumbanomicon,

thanks for bringing that up again. I also forgot about it. I tried to reproduce the bug. I copied a skill in the database and then changed it icon and some parameters and texts. Then I added a node with this new skill to a skilltree. After saving everything and closing and reopening the game the skill icon was shown properly.

It seems that this is more of a RPG Maker issue. Did you restart the game properly after copying the skill? To apply changes to the database you need to properly save the project and then close the game and reopen it by using play test. Can you try that and check if the bug still happens?

Best regards,

Hi Felski,

You may be correct that it is an RPG Maker issue. I have not been able to reproduce it, but this is the second time I have seen it.  Also restarting the game does not seem to help. I've also tried changing the icon to a different one and saving and then restarting the game and that does not work either. I can see the icon fine in my database and everywhere else in the game. It's just wrong on the skill tree. I know I can simply copy and paste the skill and use the pasted skill ID instead and everything will work fine. I don't want to spend too much time on a minor issue like this. It does not happen every time, and seems like once in a blue moon, though I am sure this is caused by some sequence of copy and paste. Also it has only happened to me so far so you should not worry about it at all unless someone else can reproduce it. My fix is easy enough. I do leave my RPG Maker program open for extended periods of time and perhaps that has something to do with the bug.

Thanks for taking a look at it Felski.