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Roketz Reduz

The Amiga Classic Re-imagined! · By Sawtooth

Need help?

A topic by A500gamer created Jan 07, 2019 Views: 342 Replies: 5
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Need help with anything?

Graphics? Beta testing?

Played Jetpac refuelled and remembered Roketz for Amiga 1200 and found this site...



I haven't worked on this project for quite a while, it's in stasis as I've been too busy to work on it. Though it'd be great to have someone involved in creating new art assets, specifically environments as I'd like to extend the game with new battlefields, that might give me the drive to get back at it.

Challenge accepted.

Only as a hobby on my limited spare time and as a rookie now, but hopefully I can speed up after a few levels.

I guess 2D levels in about 2K resolution? Sticking to the original theme, any other input?


Im afk at the moment. I'll give you resolution etc when I'm next at my desk!

Alright. Still here. Planning, listing concepts, building a library of assets. Do you have a preferred tool for sharing data?


So level backdrops are currently single 24bit png format images, dimensions don't have to be POT or anything, so for example the largest level is probably ROOSA, which is 1267 x 1087, and the smallest is Wasteland at 576 x 464.

From these I then use sprite illuminator to generate a fake normal map for lighting, though if you really want to get into that stuff (or if you use 3D assets that you then bake down to 2D) you can paint/generate your own normal map data if you want to make it look a bit nicer.

You can also build much bigger levels if you want to - I can use a simple script to split the image into small chunks for rendering so you don't need to worry about that.

Dropbox is fine for us at the moment for sharing, I have everything backed up to a private SVN which potentially I can give access to in the future but for now dropboxing stuff to me would work fine!