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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Conquer mod *mod idea*

A topic by Zokat created 52 days ago Views: 422 Replies: 3
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i thought of a mod for endgame, that would maybe prolong it a little bit.

the idea is simple, conquer the continent. but as grand as it seems, the basics are very simple :

the very  basics are : 

  • another job for your slaves that you can choose,  maybe just called " conquer ".
  • the job would then fill up a meter called " influence". (doesn't actually have to be a meter)
  • the influence would be filled up at the end of each day like other jobs. how much influence you would get is based on the stats and level of the slave. (more stats/higher level = more influence)
  • once the influence have reached max for the current area,  lets say 2000/2000 influence. you would then talk to your headgirl, where you can then pay an amount, to conquer the area. lets say 1000g. where you would then move on to the next area.
  • the next area would then require more influence. maybe 3000,  and to conquer it you'd need 1500g.
  • this could technically go on forever. where the influence and gold needed would just keep increasing.

that's the basics of it. 

the so called meter could just be reported at the end of the day as numbers, or it could actually be an ingame meter in the library you could check out.

this mod can very much be build upon also :

where whenever you conquer an arena, you unlock new items to buy from the vendors. or maybe you unlock an entirely new area ( the people working on MAD is allready doing a great job on adding new areas, so that could maybe be build in this mod, so they would unlock after conquering an area?).

As you might have an unreasonable amount of slaves at some point.  Maybe conquering an area could increase the max number of upgrades in the mansion?  

ofcouse you could perhabs also add some combat to this mod, so that when you have to conquer, not only do you have to pay the money but also do a fight, which get harder the more areas you conquer.

maybe even more than just the job " conquer" ,  such as "pillage" where you might have a chance to get gold. " propaganda" where the influence you get is scaled towards intelligence. and so on 

that being said this is just an idea, and even the very basics i find would be a cool adition for late game.


The basics sound less like conquering and more like doing community service and paying a fine tbh.

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I agree with Krill, the way you have it sounds less like conquering and more like 'become friends with this place so they're willing to sell you the authority".

For a true 'Conquer' feeling, I'd suggest something closer to this: The influence 'meter' could just be changed to progress, the job could be made so that it's high risk, high reward. And you don't have to pay when you finish conquering, instead you get a random slave to either keep, or sell.

The risk/reward feature of the job could be something like: High chance to reduce slave's health by a lot, based on their endurance stat, the chance of this happening could be reduced by high combat stats (Strength, Agility, and Magic). However, while there's a high risk to your slave, you get a 'good' slave when you finish. The quality, and maybe amount, increasing as you conquer more areas. And finally, you get a 'tribute' (ie: a small amount of income) for each area conquered.

My reasoning for these ideas is this: When conquering some place, you're usually fighting, thus there's a good chance the slave will end up in combat, and thus hurt. However, when you've conquered an area, you capture the one(s) in charge and choose what to do with them, keep, kill, sell. This way, instead of a way to waste your gold, it becomes a legitimate way to collect gold/slaves. You could even add basic loot random events (you get a random item now and then) when you have a slave working the job.

Just my thoughts on the idea.

the whole reason i came up with this idea. is because in end i'd always end up with a lot of slaves and gold. and thus i tried to think of a way to actually have to reason to have that many slaves, and a way to spend all that gold. 

so the whole idea of getting gold / slaves. is not what the intended use of the mod is for. 

the intend of the mod, is when late game you, allready have all the upgrades for your mansion ( or atleast most of them), and a lot of slaves allready.  getting more slaves and gold at this stage, would have no meaning.

that's why i suggested adding more upgrades once you conquered an area, as that would add more ways to spend your gold.

the idea of getting gold and slaves, is an idea that would instead of " add " to the end game, would be something to replace the current game. which is not what the aim of the mod is.

that being said, i do agree that getting nothing when you finish an area is not the best idea, but also, getting slaves or gold at this is not what you'd want at this point in the game. hence why i suggested unlocking areas or other things to buy at shops, or other upgrades at your mansion.

i hope this puts some light on why i suggested an indea, that is essentialy just build up a meter, just to spend money. 

an idea i had for the " reward " of finishing an area,  i that you'd get a random reward out of a big pool of things.

some of the rewards would maybe be : 

  • +1 to max of a random stat on all slaves (str,agi,int,end)
  • +1 to max upgrades of rooms in the mansion
  • +10 to the lab beauty enhancement (i'm not certain of the current number, but i think it's +40 when beauty of the selected slave is below 60, this would instead make that +50)
  • +20% drop chance of magic items from encounters
  • +1 to max of all stats on main character
  • +20% income from all jobs 

this is just some examples. 

as you'd make it through the areas, then rewards would stack up and at some point you'd have incredible rewards.