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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

[Bug] Error in sex scene function ( line 1078)

A topic by sonpansatan created 64 days ago Views: 124
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Version: 0.5.22b

OS: Windows 10

Error happens for following sex scene (and possibly )others.

Male, Futa, Female.  Actions are: Male and Futa double penetrate Female (continuous).  Futa kisses Male (continuous), Female Fondles Futa Chest (Continuous).

The last action does not go through and the following error happens,

SCRIPT ERROR: orgasm: Invalid get index '1' (on base: 'Array').
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: checkorgasm: Invalid operands 'String' and 'Nil' in operator '+'.
          At: res://files/scripts/
SCRIPT ERROR: startscene: Invalid operands 'String' and 'Nil' in operator '+'.
          At: res://files/scripts/

The line in question is:

if scene.scene.get('takerpart2') && scene.scene.givers[1] == member:

Since arrays start at 0, did you mean  scene.scene.givers[0] ?  Making that fix does seem to make the error go away.