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A topic by astreed created Aug 18, 2016 Views: 388
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In Souls Rescue you don't have a SpellBook. But you can write scroll and use it.
To write a scroll, you need ingredients and the recipe. Currently for the alpha version we give to player all available recipes.

List of scrolls:

  • create food
  • cure
  • trap detection
  • light
  • trap destruction
  • fireball
  • shield
  • sorcerer's eye
  • curse
  • heal
  • poison
  • sleep
  • mark
  • recall
  • ...

These spells are directly inspired from Ultima 7. Actually we have done only 2 spells, fireball and heal. Others will come shortly.

In Souls Rescue you don't have a mana pool. If you write a scroll you can use it but to write a scroll you will need x points in intelligence (todo...).

That is a reason why we don't want a class system in Souls Rescue. You get 1 points per level and you put it where you want. Maybe a hero like Torgn (a dwarf) will never cast a spell.
The heroes don't start with the same amount of points in the basic attributes.

Don't forget that we are in an alpha version. But more the game is evolving less you can do everything with the different heroes.