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In Celebration of Violence

A fantasy action roguelike of exploration and murder. · By JulianEdison

Demo please?

A topic by holofonoro created Aug 16, 2016 Views: 317 Replies: 1
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I'm very interested in playing this game, but before buying it, I want to test if it works on my machine (Core i5 Sandy Bridge CPU, Intel HD 3000 iGPU, 4GB RAM DDR3). A demo could've been useful for that, I suggest you make one, so we can try before buying.

Regards and good luck with your game!


Hi Holofonoro, thanks for the interest :)

I do plan on bringing the demo back; I removed it not long after the Steam release. I very much want to get a demo running again but, as the game is in Early Access, I update almost daily and don't have the time to also keep a stable demo build available. And I'm not comfortable with providing an outdated version. Once things calm down I can shift my focus back because demos are very important for games to have.

That said, the game not running well on your machine is a perfectly valid reason to ask for a refund that I would be happy to provide.