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is it safe?????

A topic by Mo10 created Mar 04, 2024 Views: 567 Replies: 10
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is it safe?????



yes yes yes

no it isn't because it can add a file to your computer so the file on a computer is a jumpscare image or in the other hand it's notepad with gibberish language

just ran my MrTomatos download file through VirusTotal and it says its loaded with malware and worse: a backdoor trojan.


the game isnt malicous. (check sticky for more detailed explanation)

not a virus, but can access your computer and browser and control it. Like creating files and opening your browser.

I mean, it's only a game...


um im not downloading incase it is a malware

also my search historyImage result for Emoji. Size: 96 x 100. Source: