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The Indie Game Legend 3D

Rescue indie game makers in this NES inspired first-person action adventure! · By progrium

Want to report a bug? Here's how. Sticky

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If you encounter any bugs with The Indie Game Legend 3D please reply to this post with the following format:

What happened? (Describe what occurred. If the bug was an unexpected result of an action let us know what you expected to occur as well)
What happened before it happened? (Where were you in the game when it occurred: what level, were you in a menu, was the game paused, etc. Details like this will help us figure out what is causing the bug)
System Info: (Operating system and game version)
Game version is listed on the bottom right of the main menu screen

Please include gifs or video when possible if the bug has a visual component. This will help us figure out what is going on and why.

When bugs are fixed in version updates we will include the Issue ID in the changelog.