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Alpha 5 (14-15 august 2016)

A topic by astreed created Aug 11, 2016 Views: 467
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Between next sunday and monday we will release the Souls Rescue Alpha 5

What's new:

Redesign the structure of the dungeon

Before the alpha 5, our dungeon was a stack of 1 map for the entrance, 3 maps of Crypt, 2 big maps of Tropic, 2 big maps of Ice and 3 maps of Void environment. When we tried the game I fell asleep. The game was too boring. We decide to redesign the dungeon : 1 map for entrance + 1 map per environment. The game is smaller, but more interesting.

Each map contains monsters of 3 different levels. Always check your life

New features

  • new dungeon design
  • add bow and crossbow (use DEX for damage calculation). Select an enemy with TAB and press G to shoot
  • add enemy who cast fireball (more spells in future)
  • add plate that reveals a chest or summons 1, 2 or 3 monsters or shoot an arrow from left or right wall.
  • deadly hole of lava or acid. Walk on lava or acid, you directly die! Tell us if it's a good idea.
  • add an xp line. At top of your screen in green
  • items with green background in your inventory are better than the equipped one
  • press F5 to enter in the Classic Mode (ascii). This feature is clearly not finished.

We look forward to delivering this new version.