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Custodian - An Aldrich Academy Story

A topic by IzzyCatz created Nov 28, 2018 Views: 113
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Welcome, Custodian.

Custodian is a Visual Novel with RPG Elements.

It takes place in two worlds.

  • Straum, a major city in the 'Real World'. This is shown through classic Visual Novel style.
  • Custodian, a popular MMORPG. This is shown through RPG Maker.

Inside Straum, you will be able to interact with your surroundings, work, attend classes, and even meet up with people you met in Custodian. (Not yet implemented)

Inside Custodian, you will be able to live out an adventure as an Aldrich Academy student, who is entering the Custodian Program. (Combat system incomplete)


After completing her mandatory training at Aldrich Academy, Nora has moved to Straum to begin medical school. While unpacking her belongings, she discovers a box left by her mother. Inside, she finds the video game called Custodian, and begins her journey into self discovery.

Try it here!




World Information:

Mandatory Training:

Due to the existence of Harbingers, humanity has been forced to create mandatory training colleges (MTC) across the world. When a person graduates High School, they're immediately applied to every MTC. At that point, each MTC will individually accept or decline an applicant based on athleticism, intelligence, and ability.

Aldrich Academy:

Aldrich Academy is the pinnacle of mandatory training. It accepts less than one percent of all applicants, and has a perfect standing among all nations. Aldrich Academy only accepts the best of the best.

This game takes place in the same world as the following project:  (<- Art for linked project by @MakioKuta. I personally designed most of the art for the 'Custodian' project, should 'Custodian' ever be completed. I will request @MakioKuta to remake all art in her style.)

(The website and projects are still a work in progress)


The Custodian's are an elite task force founded by Aldrich Academy. They are committed to maintaining worldwide security, and are completely neutral in world standings. Whenever there's a Harbinger Parasite outbreak. The Custodian's are called in to resolve the situation.

Custodian (Video Game):

Due to the low rate of those actually selected to become a Custodian, a large gaming company created a "Custodian" MMORPG, where players could live out their fantasies of saving the world from Harbingers.

While some critics felt it was in bad taste. Custodian steadily grows as the worlds largest MMORPG.

Try it here!