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Days of Freedom

Battle Royale game , you need to conquer the arena . · By Pablo Monfort

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A topic by Pablo Monfort created Nov 16, 2018 Views: 60 Replies: 2
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Today 16/11/2018 added some shields to the game that now can be equiped and forged in the workbench, some ui fixes too. Come to check it try to build your favourite shield if you can before the time runs out! :) ( im still thinking on put the time to be 50 minutes so the war be much longer and we can construct more things and the battle will be more intensive and more things can be builded so coo)l , and after those 50 minutes the dead zones will force all people to do the final war and die or stand as last man surviving to the arena and the challenge .


Well this are the new equipment window its coming , and i fix the minimap now it fit more well all resolutions and are raw image and we can see our avatar in our equipment system and their current items equiped so cool ! :)


The Windows executable alpha version 0.1.2 its released you can test it in your favorite Windows PC come to play now, days of freedom and test our last version with some changes made today recently fixes, the very low quality in options was deleted coz was causing some materials bug, the items now show a description panel , there are 3 buttons new the equipment button

, the Skill tree button(still no skills new yet sorry guy perhaps on next one) and the mission button(still no mission yet but I'm thinking on something fun!  like found some Rare items on map killing some bosses?