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Link's Awakening DX HD

PC Version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX · By linksawakeningdxhd

Close, but a few differences

A topic by Bighead created Dec 14, 2023 Views: 2,996 Replies: 7
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Since this is probably a remake and not based on a decompilation I will say that the accuracy is fairly spot on but not perfect. As someone who has finished this game probably over a dozen times, I noticed quite a few differences in the first 20 minutes from the original game and I'll point out a few other things.

- The crane "Trendy" game pulls back the crane about a single "tile" too early. This throws off some of the timing strategies.
- The fisherman's line "You need to have more passion. Live a little." is absent after quitting the fishing game.
- When charging the sword and trying to jump off a ledge, link will just continually stand there or stab the ledge with the "jump" sound playing but he doesn't actually jump off the ledge. It is possible to jump off ledges while charging the sword in the original.
- The range for collecting rupees and other items with the sword swing is much shorter in this remake than the original. Also, holding the sword to charge does not collect items in this while it does in the original.
- Triforce (piece of power) and guardian acorn can not be collected with the sword. If it is out of bounds, it is essentially lost.
- Hardhat Beetle (first dungeon), which is immune to sword damage, does not get knocked far back from Triforce power (but does in the original).
- The block diagonally from the trap in the first dungeon can not be moved to block the trap from attacking you like in the original.
- After jumping on a Goomba and flattening it, which gives a heart, it can then be killed with the sword before it disappears.

- There is no way to exit the game from the main menu. An option to close the game would be nice.
- The screen can not lock to rooms like the original and is always centered on Link. I'm assuming the room boundaries are already set for certain behaviors (enemy pathing, key tones, etc.), so locking the camera to the center of a room instead of Link would be nice to get a sort of "original screen scrolling affect".

With all that said, this is fantastic. Link's Awakening has always been one of my favorite games that I revisit over and over again. I did like the remake but I will always prefer the original. I don't know if this will be the way I revisit it for future playthroughs, but for now I really am enjoying it despite a few of the differences that makes it feel just slightly "off".

Very good suggestions! 

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Just to add onto this.

-A lot of enemies, mainly zols spawn too fast.

Holes are a tad too big and incredibly easy to fall into.

-Armos King's only weakness is boots and sword when in vanilla game, he has many vulnerabilities.

-Pols Voices don't die to Ballad of the windfish

-Hookshot is nerfed since you can take damage while shooting it, can't act out of it. This isn't a problem but since the hookshot is longer, it makes it way too risky to use as an actual weapon.

-Adding onto this, enemies can hit you in the middle of cutscenes, such as playing ocarina, talking to owl or even entering the stairs.

-Buttons will randomly lose functionality, making you need to restart the game completely.

-Entering some cutscenes, like giving the picture to Mr. Wright or picking up one of the instruments of the sirens can just freeze the game.

All in all, still an enjoyable experience, but there are quite a few things that feel off.

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Good stuff! Did you figure out a way to get past the full moon cello freeze? Also, is there a way to save with autosave turned off? Binds also seem to reset when game is closed.

edit. Seems restarting the game fully fixes the cello freeze.

In another thread there was someone who said that saving is possible when you exit to the title screen.

One thing to add that's different is the sword speed. In the original and Switch remake I can spam it pretty quickly, but not in this version.

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I also find the sword charged swing and normal swing in general are off. A good test is the field of grass and bushes. Full swing should do a 360 cut but here some diagonals are not cut. The normal swing should also hit a little bit further and the side swing from that as well.

Please, include these suggestions in the "Issues" section, here: