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Forager (Demo)

Base Building, Crafting, Adventure & Secrets! · By HopFrog

Forager Android

A topic by FullTech Entertainment created Oct 17, 2018 Views: 6,862 Replies: 4
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Hi Hopfrog, I'm a big fan of your game, I'm here to make a request to you.
Recently I developed a Fan version of your android game and would like to know your opinion on the subject and receive your blessing.
Apk available on the PlayStore under the name of Forager Island.
Any problems about this please get in touch that I will do whatever it takes.

《full tech entertainment》 can you give me your gmail account if you have

Hi fulltech entertainment, i have test your demo, it have a some things to correct  and others to add, but if you continue developing it, is going to be a very good game.

Where can I get the demo for android? 

youtube or search in google for forager lost island