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Smith and Winston

Explore and Destroy in this fun adventure, with twin stick combat and full level destruction · By Execution Unit, MetalDazza, Charlie

Release Notes Sticky

A topic by Execution Unit created Oct 09, 2018 Views: 128
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2 Jan 2019 - Update #3

This is a repeat of the information in the blog postso if you've read that you're good to go.

  •  Fixed fly forever ceiling bug - turns out that if you were in a cave with an invisible ceiling you could fly forever and basically scoot across all the lava and enemies that we deliberately put in the way to make the game hard. Very naughty of you so we've fixed that!
  • We tweaked the elite enemies so they aren't SO hard to kill. They basically had really high health and soaked up way too many bullets.
  • Reworked the bunker boss as it was too hard and actually became a bit tedious. We don't want that so we've removed a stage, slowed down the enemy spawning and reduced his health a little.
  • Added sound effects to doors and lifts in the early levels.
  • In Deep Down Again we reduced the fog a little as the enemies were too hard to see.
  •  Fixed Proximity mines sometimes reappearing after death but invisible.
  • Fixed Proximity mines camera shake so it doesn't feel like you're going to spew.
  • Fix for the player flying/hovering forever. If you flew up and as you were about to reach the floor you dashes and the next frame there was a certain type of voxel you would fly/hover forever until death.
  • Fix a bug were rebuilding level collision/models occured multiple times because dazza is an idiot. (helps low end machines a lot).
  •  Removed some annoying debug prints that slowed down windows builds a bit.
Sorry for not upating this for Update #2, I completely forgot.

18 Oct 2018 (2) - CRASH

  • quick fix for crash reported to us by a lovely fella.

18 Oct 2018 - Bug fixes and tweaks

  • [linux] build now works on Ubuntu 16.04 and distros using glibc 2.23 and up
  • [osx] set the min os version to macOS 10.9 (upped from 10.8)
  • fix a devilish memory leak in the particle system that  caused major slow downs over time especially on Windows
  • tweak level 3 so that after jumping in through the first portal you weren't immedietly shot, sorry about that ;) Bit harsh.
  • tweak the particles in the crash site (first level) to not make peoples machines crawl so much or their GPU fans to cry.
  • added actual artwork from an artist for the collectable heads and not the horrendous coder art MetalDazza inflicted upon all of you.
  • tweaked pretty much all of the gun and bullet particles to clean them up a little bit (what Charlie means by that is instead of 400 particles covering 30 pixles, it's not 100)
  • fixed a roof 'puzzle' in level 3, as in it was too easy and you all cheated :P
  • slowed the bullets on the Gate Guardian because Charlie thinks they are too fast because he's not as leet as MetalDazza
  • Depth of field opened up a little bit because apprently players need to see the enemies and bullets!

Lots of these fixes only exist because of the brilliant feedback from players. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and  to everyone who just said the game was fun. It's you guys that keep us motivated and not just watching day time television.

13 Oct 2018 - Linux launch fixes and Story mode

  • [linux] remove dependency on libsndio which came in from libSDL
  • [windows/linux/osx] remove libcurl dependency. Lib curl was used to report analytics to an analytics server during early play testing. This is no longer needed nor desirable. It shouldn't have made it in to the public release (even first-access) so we apologise for that. No data that could be linked to an individual was ever posted. Just information like "a player finished level 2 in two minutes".
  • Loading or starting a new story mode actually starts a new story mode and doesn't just hang like a dufus

10 Oct 2018 - Some OSX fixes:

  • fix for OSX version intermittently getting slower and slower due to OpenGL issue
  • fix for Playstation DS4 controller issue on OSX.

9 Oct 2018 - part 2:

  • actually include all the head collectables in the build!

9 Oct 2018:

  • fix for being able to change controller/keyboard mid game
  • added names to the first three levels so that save games appear correctly named
  • removed legacy music
  • fix for loading an arcade mode save game
  • fix for loading an story mode save game
  • can view collected heads and change your head in game (pause menu)
  • shippy help box now anchors to the bottom of the screen and doesn't get in the way of combat so much