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A topic by Lewis1206 created Oct 02, 2018 Views: 265 Replies: 3
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I think that eventually it might be a good idea for making a way so that we can make more land to build on for endless mode so that its kinda like your inhabiting the planet, maybe making like an underground cave that you can mine stuff in? makes it more realistic, and maybe like a lot later on when you end the game and go to space you start life on another planet or somthing. Just a few ideas for the future assuming this game will go on a while as it is really good and fun to play. Good work

You can do this, use the meteor card and it expands the land and gives you lots of mineral too! Since it is endless mode, you will be able to have the meteor card endlessly (obviously lol) and that means you can always keep expanding!!

yes I know this is possible but sometimes it can leave little 1 square gaps of water and it can burn down your whole forest which is a pain to remake, just an easier way to do it would be better

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a terrain tool would be useful as the meteor card can kill your people easily with no way to undo the terrain. some kind of sandbox mode would be nice to have as well, and a control mode where your one of your people, like a god to earth sort of thing.