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A fast-paced action-platformer game with rogue-like elements. · By aQuadiun


A topic by NoLongerSpeedruning created Jul 28, 2023 Views: 107 Replies: 3
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Theres a speedrun page for this game on and steam version is coming in 2024. I propose we add a steam speedrun category and a beta speedrun category  and teleport allowed category and teleport not allowed category. I couldnt find anywhere else to ask for this so im asking here.

My time is 00.36.03 try and beat it 

And yea if you beat my time eating spaghetti bolognese will increase your charisma by 00.643 percent 

Im checking my time and my best is 25 point something seconds (forgot to stop the timer after i finished the game)


Hey! Thanks for playing and for your feedback! I'm considering to add speedrun for sure! ;)