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a.m. Monday Zombies

You are a coffeeslime fighting zombies… · By Seyjin

Custom level skin Sticky

A topic by Seyjin created Sep 21, 2018 Views: 110
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Developer (2 edits)

You can create and use custom skins in am Monday Zombies.

First creating a Level_Skin\ folder in My Documents\SteamPoweredPhénix\amMondayZ\

Now, download a skin pack and place the image in this folder.

Or You can make your own skin, just draw images:
NAME_1st.png is the thumbnail show in the title screen.
NAME_bg.png is the background.
NAME_lay.png  is the foreground (and is optional).

Propaganda (Propaganda is a game made by La Déveveloppeuse Du Dimanche).